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Weinberg Cancer Center Meditation Room

Paned Expressions Studios is an award winning full service studio, creating complete stained glass solutions for new window fabrication and repairs of antique windows. We handle the largest and smallest projects with the same level of focus and dedication, affording each project the care and respect it deserves.

At your request, we can create an heirloom in stained glass for you, to serve as an enduring testament of your love of beautiful art, professionally installed.

Time Honored Techniques

We use techniques that are just like those that Tiffany used more than 120 years ago. In fact, stained glass and mosaic techniques have changed very little for about 1000 years. Some of our tools are improved over Tiffany's and our materials may be a bit more consistently made, but the same basic methods are still used.

Each piece of glass is individually hand cut and shaped and, for really fine details, sometimes fired in our kilns. We then wrap each piece of glass in metal, if we're making a stained glass window, then solder it, patina it, and clean and seal it to protect it for many, many years to come.

Customers choose Paned Expressions Studios for:

  • Beautiful new artwork and restoration
  • Our high level of professional service
  • Complete solutions - including design, creation and installation
  • Our ability to finish your project on time and on budget

Feel free to contact us with your questions or to obtain a written estimate for your project.

Paned Expressions Stained Glass Studios employs the highest level of artistic talent. Our team of inspired artists uses the medium of light to transform your space into the most sublime of views. Let us show you how to capture and reproduce the inspiration for the purpose of your surroundings.

Do you want stained glass, etched glass or a mosaic for your home or office?

Here are a few wonderful functional uses of glass art:

In the bath: Glass Art can provide a marvelous feeling of privacy, or, from within, an open sensation of bringing nature into the room. Design elements here can unify a theme while adding the warmth of color, some privacy, as well as much needed additional light.

In your entrance: Form an initial impression when guests arrive as well as a lasting impression when they leave. Paned Expressions Studios has been creating entryways since 1979. Each is considered a unique work of decorative and functional art.

All entryway windows are mounted from the inside flush against existing glass. In effect, our entrances are double-glazed.

For religious and spiritual spaces: Paned Expressions Studios can create designs that respect all religious beliefs.

Our Pricing

Stained glass is quoted by the square foot. For simple decorative work involving beveled glass and plain colors of glass, estimates run in the $175 per square foot range. For detailed "fine art" in glass involving nature studies using specialized art glass, estimates start at $350 per square foot and up.

Lamps: Lamps average $3,700-$15,550 retail depending on size and complexity. This price does not reflect the cost of the lamp base.

After helping to decide your design criteria, we usually create several alternatives for you to choose from. We provide drawings (computer generated renderings in glass image) and carefully choose the glass which will best represent the goal of your art piece.

We create custom designs specifically for each project. A design fee, based on the scope of the project, is required before creating the designs. The design fee, should you decide to go forward with the project, will be applied toward the final price.

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