Fine Art in Stained Glass

Hartman's Glass Art-CD- "Water,Water, Everywhere!"
View Many of the Over 70 Wonderful Patterns included.
All patterns are provided in color and b&w in .jpg, .tif & .eye (Glass Eye 2000) formats for both PC and Mac platforms for easy resize, reshape and re-color. Patterns accommodate all levels of glass expertise.
Tropical Waters  

Clown Fish

Beach Beauty

Tidal Pool

Giant Kelp

Kee Beach

Maui Sunset

Conch Shell

Tortuga Island

Frozen and Colder Waters  

Sled Dogging

Penguin Fun

Late Summer

Polar Cuddle

Telemarking B.C.

Waterfall Climb

Polar Bear Watch

Down to the Deep

Montana Moment

Sea Otter

Moonlight Paddle

It Got Away!

On The Water  

Belize Pelican


Gondola Tour

Kayaks Waiting

Panama Blue Heron

Roseate Spoonbills

Running Free


Haleiwa Surfing

Perfect Wave

Wood Duck

Yo Ho Ho

In The Water  

Baby Angel Fish

Buddy Breathing

Reef Diving

Dolphin Ride

Hidden Beauty

Honu Feeding Station

Tiger Shark

Seahorse Suncatcher

Waterscapes and More:  

SW Autumn

Colorado River


Snake River

Mountain Lake

Old World

Pond Life

Lighthouse Point

Romantic Getaway


Unkar Rapids

Aquarium View

Bahama Bone Fish

Class 5 Whitewater &

Waterview Cockatoo

Colorado Flyfishing

Island Drifting

Water Orchid

River Amaryllis

All pattern images on this page Hartman's Glass Art
Note: Giant Kelp, Tidal Pool, Baby Angel and Reef Diving are used by permission of photographer Brandon Cole.
Copy, reproduction, or redistribution of these images is forbidden without permission of Paned Expressions Studios.

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