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Team Sports  

Right At You!

Home Run Swing



Hut, Hut!

First Down

On to the Touch Down

Nothing gets through me

Two more Points

Good Pass

Field Hockey Champ

Lacrosse Defence

Rugby Take Down

Soccer Pose

Getting the game going

Spike That Ball

Water, Ice and Snow Sports  

Butterfly Stroke

White Water Art

Gold Medal Glide

Women's Singles

Downhill Racers

Moonlit Leap


Snow Boarding

Moonlight Surf

Surf's Up


Great Ride!

Individual Efforts  

Trick Shot

Uphill Racer


Tour de France


Knock Out Punch

Pure Elegance

Thrust and Parry

Balance Beam Beauty

Gold Medal Move




Nascar Dreams


Tandem Skateboards-Etch

Driving To the Green  

Golf Bag Etch

Eyeing the Ball

Maui Course

Golf Paradise

Line up the Putt



Sunset Swing

Follow Through

Teed Off?

Track and Field and All the Rest  

Origin of the Sport

Long Distance

Sun Catcher

1920's Style Tennis

Great Save!


Marathon Man

No, not a frisbee

High Hurdles

Up and Over

Pure Muscle

Take Down

Cricketer At Bat

Fan Lamp-Baseball

Fan Lamp-Baseball Diamond

Fan Lamp-Basketball

Fan Lamp-Ten Pin

Fan Lamp-Curling Stone

Fan Lamp-Football

Fan Lamp-Hockey

Fan Lamp-#1Fan

Fan Lamp-Quarterback

Fan Lamp-Speed Skater

Fan Lamp-Ski Jumper

Fan Lamp-Soccer Ball

Fan Lamp-Sumo Wrestlers

Fan Lamp-Tennis Ball

Fan Lamp- Volley Ball
or Water Polo Ball

Fan Lamp- Swimmer

Fan Lamp-Rugby on Tee

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