Paned Expressions Studios CD- "Kids' Stuff?"
Enjoy viewing some of the over 60 Fun Patterns included on the disk.
Aesop's Fables  

The Fox and
The Grapes

Country Mouse
and City Mouse

The Crow
and the Pitcher

The Lion
and The Mouse

Fairy Tales and Stories  

Jack and the

Mother Goose

Good Night

I'm on to you Wolf!

Sleeping Beauty


Jemima Puddleduck

Gone Fishing

Nursery Rhymes

Four and Twenty

Little BoPeep

Little Boy Blue

...And the Cow...

There Was A
Crooked Man

I can't put this
back together!

Oh Noooo!

Jack and Jill

Ladybug, Ladybug

Old King Cole

Old Woman in
the shoe

Winken, Blinken
and Nod

For the Baby's Room  

B is for...

Buzzy Behive



Happy Bee

Penquin Baby

Picking Berries

Good Night Sun

More Childish Things
For All Ages


Magic Touch

And all the Galaxy
Says Goodnight

Puss in Boot

Antique Rabbits

Best Learner


Noah's Ark

The Race



Gator Baby

Fun Projects for Kids  

Buffalo Suncatcher

Dinosaur Suncatcher

Gumball Machine


Jack In the Box

Karate Kids

Willie the Whale

Rainbow Star

And many more patterns are included on the Disc not shown on this page.

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without permission of Paned Expressions Studios.

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