Paned Expressions Studios CD Patterns- "Pure Fantasy"-Over 50 Patterns
Dragons Galore  

Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Dragon

Mountain Lair

Mushroom Fantasy

There Are Times
When The Dragon Wins!

Waiting for Morning

...Nuthin' Like a Warm Pond...

Dragon Cave

Dancing Dragon

Crystal Kingdom

A Mother's Love

Dragon Fireplace Screen

Glitter Dragon Fireplace Screen

Mixing Up A Brew

Green Warrior

Regal Dragon Mirror

Laughing Dragon Mirror

Enchanted Folk  

Shepherd of the Mushroom Herd

Gnome's Eye View

Starting a Rainbow

Celtic Elf Knot -
From an Ancient Celtic Design

Goblin Warrior

Cutie Pie

Hungry Pixie

A Cold Day In...

Green Man

Booting Up The Old Wand


The Lesson

Fairies & Mermaids  

Just A Sip

Pouting Wood Fairy

Mountain Fairy

Bubble Fairy

Just One or Two More...

Relaxing Mermaid

Wishing on a Star...Fish

Mermaid Dolphin Waltz

Magical Creatures & Misc. Mischief  

Dragon at the Castle Gate

No Smoking


Guardian Gryphon

Storm Dancer

Unicorn Family
on the Castle Grounds

Unicorn Moon

'Twas Brillig...

Wizard's Window!


Mystic Orb

Sorcerer's Apprentice

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