Fine Art in Stained Glass

CD- "BeBeveled!!"
View some of the over 50
Innovative Bevel Patterns included on the disk.

Note:Due to the fixed size of beveled cluster pieces, patterns tend to be large and cannot be effectively resized.
You must be able to purchase American Bevel Clusters from your stained glass supplier.
All bevels shown are
A Little Bit of Everything  

Angel of Triumph


Ballroom Dancing

Big Mouth

Beast of Burden

Butterflies R Free

Butterfly Princess

Calla Elegance

I'll bust you out, Pops!

Christmas Fare

Sad Clown

Compass Rose

Abundant Gifts

Crystal Rose


Fire Breather

Varied Fare  


Flower Fairy

Formula One

Bowl of Fruit

Wm. Morris Style


Grand Teton View
(A very large pattern)

Hatted Ladies

Bejeweled Elephant

Kaleidoscope View

Lady Liberty

Lake View

...And Even MORE Variety  

Lighthouse Cove

Lotus Pond

Beveled Mandala

Mardi Gras Dreams

Masted Ship

Beveled Modern

Nouveau Floral

Iris Nouveau

Yes, There's More BeBeveled Magic  

Beveled Lotus


Beveled Geometric


BeBeveled Peacock

Persian Panel

Ribbon Arabesque

Out for a Swim  


Swami Bear

Bowhead and Belugas


All pattern images on this page Paned Expressions Studios.
All bevel clusters copyright American Bevel, Inc.-All rights reserved
Copy, reproduction, or redistribution of these images is forbidden
without permission of Paned Expressions Studios.

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