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Our most popular past months'offerings of FREE stained glass patterns in zipped jpg format.

To download the FREE version of the pattern, click the  zip icon  icon beneath the image of the pattern. All patterns are presented at minimum recommended size but are easily resized using any graphics software resident on your computer.

NOTE:Full-Size Printed patterns are available on request at a minimum fee of $18.95 + $11.50 ship/hndlg within the U.S. Simply write to us and we'll be right back to you with the quote for the printed pattern(s).
To find the size of each pattern, hover over the color image on this page with your cursor. Note: Your internet settings must allow pop-up's for this to appear.

To purchase a pattern file in Glass Eye 2000 Software format, click the  glass eye icon  icon. These are NOT printed patterns, they are uploaded files.

You will receive an upload to your email address within 24 hours
of payment thru Paypal ($5.00/each)

Note: If you do not have the Glass Eye 2000 software or Demo of the software (see below) do NOT order the files/patterns in this format!!!

Hummer Arbor-18x36 TIFFANY FLORAL-24x40 Flax Flowers-14x20
"Hummer Arbor"
"Tiffany Floral"
"Flax Flowers"
TulipCluster-14x25 Spring Crocus Bouquet 20x26 Network-15x19
"Tulip Cluster"
"Spring Bouquet"
"Network Pattern"
Good Morning Mirror-14x18 Victorian Arabesque 24x20 Hurry Spring-Swans-35x25
"Good Morning Mirror"
Victorian Splendour36x24 Sleepy Moon 24 x 33 Lily Pond Pattern 32 x 21.5
"Victorian Splendour"
"Sleepy Moon"
"Lily Pond"
Grape Arbor Arch-40x22 Daylilies-22x22 Rose and Tulip Bouquet-22x22
"Grape Arbor"
"Day Lilies"
"Rose Bouquet"
Victorian Gem-30inch Diameter Early Iris-20x28 Morning Glory Nouveau-24x24
"Victorian Gem"
"Early Iris"
"Morning Glory Nouveau"
Autumn Celtic-24x24 CandyCanes-9x14 Summer Solstice-30x25
"Autumn Celtic"
"CandyCanes & Holly"
"Summer Solstice"
Holly Corners-13.5x14 Elegant Transom-28x10
"Holly Corners"
"Elegant Transom"
Long Winter's Nap Stained Glass Pattern-VictorianJewels 30 X 15
"Victorian Jewel"
Frog Suncatcher-8x10 Koi Pond-30x20.25
"Frog Suncatcher"
"Koi Pond"
Traditional Tulip Transom-27x14 Covered Bridge- 40 x 28.5
"Traditional Tulip"
"Covered Bridge"
Heron-Gone Fishing-36x24 Sunflower Transom-33x15
"Heron Fishin'"
"Sunflower Transom"
Lighthouse-Cheboygan Range Lights-28x40 19 Inch Diam. Rainbow Mobile Kaleidoscope-28x28
"Rainbow Mobile"
"Color Wheel Kaleido"
June Golfer-26x32 Parrots-Private Conversation-24x35 Balloons-24x24
"Parrots Conversation"
ChickadeeHolly-27x34.5 stained glass pattern HeartsNRoses-33x33-420pcs
"Chickadee In Holly"
"Vase Of Flowers"
"Hearts N Roses"

Bringing Stained Glass into the Computer Age. . .
Full Size Patterns on CD !

Over 1800 of our Patterns are now offered full size in 24 Different Collections (jpg, tif, & eye formats) for easy resizing/recoloring on both PC and MacIntosh Computers. Ready to Print!

To view all the patterns in these collections, click on a disk cover below.

Stained Glass Patterns - Cabinet Doors Our Newest Pattern Collection

Stained Glass Patterns with Bevels Stained Glass Patterns All Water Themes Stained Glass Patterns All Flowers Stained Glass Patterns From Russia
Stained Glass Patterns Variety of Subjects and Themes Stained Glass Patterns under 100 Pcs. Stained Glass Patterns - All Mirror Patterns Stained Glass Patterns - The bounty and beauty of Nature Captured in Glass
Stained Glass Patterns - Wizards and Dragons and Fairies, Oh My! Go West Young Glass Breaker Stained Glass Patterns Stained Glass Patterns - Wizards and Dragons and Fairies, Oh My! Playin' Games All Sports Stained Glass Patterns
Over 70 Oriental Themed Stained Glass Patterns Stained Glass Patterns from the African Continent Go Tropical and Catch a Wave- Stained Glass Patterns Holiday & Everyday Stained Glass Patterns -Suncatchers, Corners and More
Stained Glass Patterns Room Screens & Fire Screens Galore Stained Glass Patterns Fairytales, Nursery Rhymes & More Stained Glass Patterns Victorian,Art Deco, Art Nouveau and More Fused Glass Patterns for Fusing Glass Projects
Stained Glass Patterns -Animals Stained Glass Patterns - Transportation Stained Glass Patterns - Flowers of Elyse

Great New Items for your favorite Glass Addict

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All patterns will continue to print after the 30 day Demo Expires!!

Note: If you do not have the Glass Eye 2000 software or the Demo of the software do NOT order the patterns in this format!!

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All patterns offered on this site are copyright Paned Expressions Studios - All rights reserved.

Sale of finished Stained Glass originating from a pattern copywritten by Paned Expressions Studios, Inc. may be sold without permission on a one time basis only unless otherwise negotiated in writing. This protects both the high standard of our work and our livelihood.

If you publish photos of your completed panels please, at least, give us credit for the design and a hyperlink if you can. Your wording could read as follows: "Designed by Paned Expressions Studios (hyperlink to:, Inc., fabricated by . . .(you)."

This is part of our effort to earn a living, and we hope you will kindly and considerately continue to support our efforts, so we can continue to draw beautiful stained glass designs for you.

Our generous copyright does NOT allow anyone selling nor giving our patterns away in any format, electronic nor printed form.

Thank you!

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